Alternative Dispute Resolution

Benefits of alternative dispute resolution are catching the attention of counsel, courts and businesses everywhere. Why is alternative dispute resolution becoming more popular? The main reason is that it works. Costly and time-consuming litigation can be avoided.

To learn how this is achieved, get to know Colin Taylor, Q.C. He is a specialist in alternative dispute resolution and provides his tremendous insights right here in these pages.

As a well-known and highly regarded practitioner of alternative dispute resolution techniques, Mr. Taylor uses specific methods to achieve success for his clients whether they are small business or big government. Ideally, he is involved at the early stage when a dispute management system is being designed and put in place. Once a conflict is present, Mr. Taylor will act as neutral evaluator, mediator, mediator/arbitrator, experienced facilitator or provide binding arbitration.†

The advantages of alternative dispute resolution over litigation are varied. The first is the savings of time and expense from a long drawn out litigation process. Another is that a good alternative dispute resolution system allows disputants to participate with some degree of control. This goes a long way toward keeping relationships intact and speeds the process toward a resolve. There are of course those cases where litigation is necessary. More and more, however, alternatives are being used to successfully solve many†types of disputes including complex class-action lawsuits.

In today's global economy, corporations and governments are assessing the risk of conflict with international alliances, and are incorporating alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in advance of any conflict issues. This indicates a growing appreciation for the effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution.

If you would like to develop a proactive approach for your business or bureaucratic conflict issues, Colin Taylor will be only too pleased to help in the design of an alternative dispute resolution system customized to meet your needs. Already embroiled in a dispute? Mr. Taylor can introduce alternatives that will guide all parties to an acceptable conclusion. Give him a call.

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