Binding Arbitration

Binding arbitration can play an important role in resolving conflicts while avoiding litigation. Although binding arbitration may be the last resort in dispute resolution, it nonetheless provides finality and certainty, avoids costly litigation, and hastens a quick return to business as usual. Colin Taylor, Q.C. is the leading authority in matters of mediation, med-arb and binding arbitration.

Mr. Taylor is a highly recognized and accomplished leader in alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, methods and techniques. Through his masterful use of neutral evaluation, negotiation, mediation/arbitration and conflict management system design, he has achieved many notable successes during his thirty-year career. Take a look at the sections on his biography and expertise. This is the kind of knowledge and experience that you want available to you when you are planning your dispute resolution systems design, and certainly when you are facing a difficult conflict issue that requires binding arbitration.

Preventing litigation whenever possible is a wise management decision. Litigation procedures can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. ADR is utilized more and more as a trusted alternative. Overloaded judicial and court administration systems benefit from litigation alternatives. Binding arbitration achieves a final resolution enabling disputants to avoid the often costly and time consuming processes of litigation.

Colin Taylor has a passion for alternative dispute resolution, which is evident by his well-known authority in the field. His objective is always to seek accord. A long list of testimonials attests to this. When Mr. Taylor provides binding arbitration, there is an efficient and fair hearing process by an accomplished arbitrator with an exemplary record in the field. 

Be sure to include Mr. Taylor on your team when dispute system design policies need to be addressed. For integrity, fairness and an astute knowledge of arbitration and the law, contact the offices of Colin Taylor. You can do no better.

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