Business Litigation

Are you involved in business litigation? If you're looking for support from a dispute resolution specialist, Colin Taylor is your man. To prevent business litigation in the first place, Colin Taylor, Q.C. has the extensive experience in dispute resolution to design an effective conflict management program to keep you out of the courts.

Mr. Taylor's impressive biography and career achievements speak for themselves. His passion for alternative dispute resolution makes him highly sought after by major corporations, governments at all levels, organizations and businesses large and small. Take a look at how an alternative dispute resolution system can perform an enormously beneficial service for all parties involved. 

Colin Taylor has thirty years experience in the fields of mediation and arbitration. The techniques he employs and methods he uses to help clients avoid business litigation include: negotiation, neutral evaluation, mediation, mediation/arbitration, conflict management, dispute system design and binding arbitration. The results are typically an appreciation by the disputants that they have fully participated with some measure of control over their interests thus creating continued good will. Often, a great deal of time is spared and significant money is saved by avoiding litigation.

When business disputes arise, you certainly want the finest expertise in dispute resolution available to you. That professional is Colin Taylor. His extensive knowledge of the law and vast experience with mediation and arbitration matters covering a wide spectrum of conflict situations, corporate and otherwise, are the best tools you can have in your corner.

Contact Mr. Taylor to discuss your ADR options and gain the advantage of his insights into business dispute solutions. If your approach is proactive and you want a strategy for conflict resolution, Colin Taylor will develop the most functional and effective dispute system possible. You will be glad you saved yourself and others the frustration and cost of business litigation in the courts.

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