Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

For more than thirty years Colin Taylor has successfully applied the principles and techniques of alternative dispute resolution to resolve workplace conflict. Many businesses and levels of government are implementing systems of dispute resolution prior to the need for crisis intervention. There are many more options today in dealing with conflict in the workplace that involve mediation, arbitration and other methods to avoid slow and costly litigation procedures.

Resistance to alternative dispute resolution is diminishing as problems continue to be solved without litigation. Colin Taylor, Q.C. has proven expertise in establishing dispute resolution systems to deal effectively with conflict resolution in the workplace. He is a widely recognized practitioner of mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, conflict management, and facilitation. This has been his career for more than thirty years.

The ideal time to seek counsel from Colin Taylor is before conflict problems escalate to the point where damage to relationships is irreparable and litigation unavoidable. Check the web pages showing Mr. Taylor's Biography, Experience and Expertise. You will discover that his professional specialization and passion for fairness will add the necessary prevention tools to your corporate or government policies and procedures. Alternative dispute resolution provides the disputing parties with the ability to choose and adapt a mechanism that will best serve their objectives and capacities. 

Colin Taylor ensures that the participants maintain a significant measure of control over the process and the solution. He works with the disputants and their lawyers in a non-adversarial manner, searching for middle ground as disputants explain their underlying objectives and needs.

If you seek conflict resolution in the workplace, you must consider Colin Taylor. The application of alternative dispute resolution usually provides conflict resolution in the workplace with less argument, in less time, with significant savings of money and goodwill, and with a design to prevent similar future disputes.

Read through this website to learn more about how beneficial alternative dispute resolution options might be for your conflict resolution in the workplace challenges.

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