Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is growing in favour by counsel, clients and overloaded court systems. Read on to learn more. With good dispute resolution design, many cases are resolved without the time-consuming and expensive processes of litigation. Colin Taylor, Q.C., specializes in alternatives to litigation for the benefit of all parties.

The most effective alternatives to dispute resolution are those that have been strategically planned, rather than attempted as crisis management.

Some examples of Colin Taylor's successful methods of alternative processes are: negotiation and facilitation, mediation, mediation with arbitration, neutral evaluation and binding arbitration. His extensive experience gives him a definite edge in developing dispute systems designs. Using these methods, participants have a say in their vested interests and usually solutions are found that all parties find acceptable. Future relationships remain amicable and generally, there are significant economic benefits.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is gaining in popularity by counsel and court systems. Under direction of counsel, labour and management work together to establish their path for resolving the types of conflict that may arise. Mr. Taylor's methods and planning perform equally well for governments and the public to whom they are responsible, and for businesses and their customers and suppliers. ADR preserves healthy corporate alliances and management/employee relations.

If you have current issues involving complex disputes, discuss your case with Mr. Taylor. You can investigate his highly recognized credentials right here on this website. This is the professional you can trust to find the most effective dispute resolution given your own set of circumstances. You can rely on his evaluation to be absolutely neutral, and have confidence that his expertise will serve all parties with respect.

Are you planning a dispute resolution mechanism for your policies and procedures? You've come to the right place. Colin Taylor has the vast experience to design a dispute system that will work hard for you should disputes arise. Protect your dollars and value your time. Be proactive with alternative dispute resolutions. Ask what Colin Taylor can do for you.

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