International Dispute Resolution

Our global economy invites international dispute resolution into executive offices on a growing scale. Companies and governments use international dispute resolution to help manage sensitive potential dispute areas such as environmental, cultural and perhaps unresolved matters from previous management. More and more, as courts and counsel recognize alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a viable alternative to litigation, greater increases in ADR methods are used by businesses and governments.

Colin Taylor, Q.C. is widely recognized and highly respected for his thirty years expertise in ADR in all of its phases. Working as an ADR practitioner in the western provinces and in national Canadian positions, Colin Taylor builds dispute international resolution factors into any branch of government or any type of corporate enterprise. The savings in time and money can be significant if costly litigation can be avoided.

The goal is to deal with conflict before it escalates to create irreparable harm, with litigation unavoidable. The types of international dispute resolution strategies Colin Taylor might employ include: mediation negotiation, mediation/arbitration, neutral evaluation, conflict management processes, facilitation and dispute systems design. With these various options, disputants have greater control over important issues and typically, participate more fully in arriving at an acceptable solution.

An international dispute resolution system effectively designed is unlike crisis management. Mr. Taylor's work proves that business or constituency relationships can remain in good health while the planned negotiation or mediation process is going on. Public policy conflicts and class-action lawsuits can be resolved in a methodical and acceptable manner. When international issues are involved, it can be devastating to future revenues and business relations if litigation becomes necessary.

Investigate Colin Taylor further on this website to discover the strength of his experience and the wisdom of his dispute resolution expertise. Consider an  international dispute resolution system before you require one, and have Mr. Taylor customize an appropriate process for all your levels of need.

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