Litigation Services

When litigation services are needed in a matter which would benefit from ADR, Colin Taylor, Q.C. is your man. Your best litigation services support when you wish to include ADR techniques must specialize in fact-finding and litigation facilitation techniques and have a solid legal background in their use. Colin Taylor has an impressive career that makes him one of Canada's foremost legal minds in this field.

Start by reading Mr. Taylor's biography and you will discover his history of unshakable credibility and impressive achievements. There is no area of dispute resolution in which Mr. Taylor does not provide preeminent qualifications. The range of litigation services support he has been called to undertake is vast.

Colin Taylor is a strong proponent of alternative dispute resolution. He specializes in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. Methods include: fact-finding, document production, facilitation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, dispute systems design, conflict management and binding arbitration. With a thirty year background of success with these techniques, his litigation services support is invaluable.

If you are in a situation in which litigation services might benefit from ADR processes, make note of some details of Mr. Taylor's extensive experience. Among many others these include the health care field, named arbitrator in numerous collective agreements, major commercial disputes, estate disputes, shareholder rights, harassment and all manner of contract disputes and employment issues.

The best medicine is prevention. Perhaps now is the time to develop your conflict management policy. Colin Taylor will work with you to design an alternative dispute resolution mechanism perfectly customized to your business or agency needs. It will be time well spent, with the potential to save money and prevent ill-will. Mr. Taylor's knowledge of legal options and his objectivity will ensure that you have a truly effective program.

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