Mediation Arbitration

The time for mediation and arbitration action is during the dispute resolution planning process. The tools of mediation and arbitration should be built into an alternative dispute resolution plan. Designing an effective dispute handling system will help to resolve conflicts faster, and potentially avert litigation procedures entirely. Extensively experienced in this area is Colin Taylor, Q.C., a strong proponent of alternatives to costly and time-consuming litigation.

It takes a master of negotiation to effectively lead mediation and arbitration situations. Mr. Taylor is noted as that kind of master, and has an impressive array of appointments and achievements to his credit. Investigate his biography and areas of expertise and you will discover his wealth of legal knowledge, as well as his passion for alternative dispute resolution systems.

Colin Taylor conducts mediation and arbitration in conjunction with other practical techniques such as skilful negotiation, neutral evaluation and an invitation for all disputants to participate fully in achieving the desired outcome of principled settlement. His methods have earned him prestigious appointments and awards spanning decades and across jurisdictions.

Why are mediation and arbitration gaining in popularity and use? The fundamental reason is that the process works. Litigation typically takes a large toll in terms of time and money spent. Once a conflict has reached the litigation stage, it may be too late to mend fences. Formerly healthy working relationships become tarnished or break down altogether. Mediation and arbitration afford conflicting parties an opportunity to investigate better ways of arriving at agreement, or at the very least, reduce the time in dispute. Cost savings can be significant. Generally, relationships remain intact.

We invite you to browse this website to better understand the powerful impact alternative dispute resolution is having in the corporate sector and in government and organizational arenas. Mediation and arbitration are reducing overloads in the courts and administrative offices, while offering disputants timely, objective solutions to dilemmas large and small. 

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