"Colin is a master at finding workable, practical solutions to difficult legal problems. His ability to recognize the interests and principles important to each party and assist them in developing solutions that best serve interest means that both parties usually leave the process better off."

Randy Kaardal, Hunter Litigation Chambers

"Colin Taylor is, beyond doubt, the best mediator in British Columbia. He is always extremely well prepared, involved, diplomatic, engaging, creative and ever polite. Time after time, in often very difficult circumstances with polarized camps, Mr. Taylor crafts a solution that is not only palatable to everyone but saves face and ends further expense. He is a great combination of experienced counsel, patient listener, creative problem-solver and diplomat yet tough enough to sell a deal where necessary. You cannot do better."

John Douglas Shields, Trial Lawyer, Shields Harney, Vancouver

"I have worked with Colin Taylor in resolving enormously difficult disputes in both the private and public sectors. Colin Taylor is simply one of the best dispute resolution practitioners in the business today."

Vince Ready, Vancouver, B.C.

"He listens carefully to both sides; evaluates the positions with sound judgement and then fashions a solution which fits the interests of the parties. Colin Taylor is a very skilful dispute resolution professional."

Peter A. Gall, Heenan Blaikie, Vancouver

"The skills and insight that you brought to the process were indispensable in seeing this case to a successful conclusion. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Israel Balter, Toronto

"I have had the pleasure of being counsel on a significant number of cases in which Colin Taylor has been the Arbitrator. Mr. Taylor has always been very helpful to the parties in trying to reach creative solutions to difficult problems he has excellent mediation and arbitration skills. The qualities that I appreciate most in an arbitrator are kindness, politeness and thoughtfulness. Mr. Taylor has those qualities in abundance."

Randy Noonan, Noonan & Company

Business lawyers at a "Principles of Negotiation" presentation by Colin Taylor wrote:

"Colin Taylor's presentation on Negotiation was paradigm shifting really forcing me to re-examine the use of strategy and preparation and looking at how to frame the offer."

"Colin's presentation was an extremely valuable tool for everyday practice."

"The first session on negotiation was the most valuable aspect of the course. I don't have any real formal training in negotiating but will follow up with more now after Colin Taylor's presentation. He not only made me think and examine the strategies more closely, he made me understand how useful a tool it can be."

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