Workplace Conflict Resolution

Difficult workplace conflict issues happen every day across the spectrum of business and government establishments. Today, workplace conflict resolution is easier to achieve than ever before. The reason is the effectiveness of what is called 'alternative dispute resolution', or, ADR. Read on to learn how the appropriate negotiation tools in the hands of an expert can dramatically increase practical solutions.

Colin Taylor, Q.C., is an expert at dispute resolution. One look at his thirty year career tells you that he has mastered not only the legal parameters necessary to excel in this field, but that he has honed the skills of outstanding negotiator. To realize his passion for alternative dispute resolution, he has had to be not only good - but the best. He utilizes neutral evaluation, mediation/arbitration and binding arbitration, to achieve workplace conflict resolution results that avert the need for litigation. 

In the case of workplace conflict, early resolution has several immediate benefits. The first is a significant savings in terms of time and money spent. Another is that resolution to the dispute is reached with the interactive participation of all parties. This typically prevents the potential for long term animosity among disputants.

There are more and more subscribers to ADR in the search for workplace conflict resolution. Wise business leaders and agency managers are opting to insert a dispute resolution mechanism into standard policies and procedures. Rather than conducting crisis intervention, these proactive strategies become a solid foundation on which to build consensus.

Mr. Taylor welcomes every opportunity to advise and assist in conflict resolution matters. He has the knowledge, talent and expertise to design your ADR policies, and the expert ability to find solutions for your current workplace disputes. Make sure you seek a specialist. Call Colin Taylor.

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